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NAHSL: Executive Board

Executive Board

Elected Officers


image of Rachel Lerner

Rachel Lerner, MSLS, AHIP 
Oct 2021 - Oct 2022
Quinnipiac University


Past Chair 

Martha Meacham

Martha E. Meacham, MLIS, MA 
Oct 2021 - Oct 2022
Network of the National Library of Medicine



Alice Stokes, MLIS, MAS 
Oct 2021 - Oct 2024
University of Vermont


Photo of Lindsay Barnett

Lindsay Barnett, MLS 
Jan 2021 - Jan 2024
Yale University


Rebecca Morin

Rebecca Morin, MLIS, MAS 
Oct 2021 - Oct 2022
Tufts University



Chapter Council Representative

Alexandria Brackett

Alexandria Brackett, MA, MLIS 
May 2019 - Apr 2022
Yale University

Chapter Council Alternate

Tim Kenny

Tim Kenny, MLS 
Apr 2021 - Apr 2024
Maine Medical Center

MLA Nominating Committee

photo of Dina Mckelvy

Dina McKelvy, MLS, AHIP
Oct 2021 - Oct 2024
Maine Medical Center

Committees and Representatives

Below is a list of NAHSL committees, including brief descriptions of their functions, along with names of each Committee Chair and their term dates. If you are interested in volunteering to work on a committee, please contact the NAHSL Chair or Committee Chairs directly.




Develops strategies to strengthen the viability of libraries and recognition of their value. The committee seeks to advance the stature of health sciences libraries and influence organization decision-making that affects library and knowledge services. Committee efforts are aimed at helping to stabilize libraries, avert threats of closings, lay-offs and downsizing and countering faulty beliefs and practices. The Advocacy Committee shares critical information and promotes the benefits of libraries to stakeholders, institutions and the larger health care community.



Chair: Bridget Gunn (October 2018 - October 2022)

Overall maintenance of NAHSL's archives, both digital and print. Makes decisions about appropriateness of placement of materials in the archives. Reviews the archival collection on a regular basis.



Chair: Jillian Silverberg (October 2021 - October 2023)

Annual review of the Chapter's Bylaws, Executive Board Handbook, and other official documents for clarity and currency; proposing revisions to these documents to the Executive Board and the membership as needed; and interpreting these documents for the Executive Board and the membership when questions arise.



Conference Co-Chairs 2022: Melissa Funaro and Beth Dyer (October 2019 - October 2022)

Organized two years prior to each annual conference and typically includes the Chair of the host state’s group, a Conference Co-chair (appointed by the Conference Chair and approved by the Executive Board), and three ex- officio members as follows: the NAHSL Chair, the NAHSL Treasurer, and the NAHSL Education Chair. 



Chair: Eugenia Opuda (Oct 2021 - Oct 2023)

Selects, plans, sponsors, and evaluates CE offerings for both the annual NAHSL meeting and also for other times during the year; coordinates MLA webcasts; conducts assessments of NAHSL members’ educational needs.



Treasurer: Lindsay Barnett (January 2021 - January 2024)

Advises and assists NAHSL Treasurer with preparing and monitoring budget, including all revenue sources and expenditures. Provides guidance to Treasurer on all fiscal matters.



Chair: Melissa Funaro (September 2018 - October 2022)

Serves as a conduit for communication between NAHSL and MLA Governmental Relations Committee. Monitors existing and pending legislation and the implementation of public laws and actions by state/federal executive departments as reflected in proposed and existing regulations. 




Committee is two-fold; (1) to raise awareness of and promote the value of the organization to health sciences librarians in the region, and (2) support and advocate for the value of health sciences librarianship to stakeholders including hospital and academic administrations, health care providers, and the public.



Chair: Valori Banfi (October 2009 - October 2022)
Chair-Elect: VACANT

Reviews, recommends, and assists in the implementation of policies to promote membership in the association. Assists with planning and evaluation of membership promotion efforts. Assists with implementing specific membership development strategies, such as prospective member list development, telephone follow-up, and new member welcome and reception.



Chair: Martha Meacham (Oct 2021 - Oct 2022)

Collects names to be added to the slate for election to the NAHSL Executive Board. Solicits NAHSL Achievement Award nominations and recommends awardee(s) to Executive Board.



Chair: Gary Atwood (June 2018 - October 2022)

Advertises, reviews, and awards financial reimbursement for professional development opportunities and the Jay Daly Grant to NAHSL members based on established criteria.



Chair: Dana Haugh (October 2021 - October 2023)

Responsible for providing access to all of the NAHSL Technology platforms for members, which currently includes the Listservs (General and Executive Board), Libguides, (general, executive board, Conference Committee, Annual Conferences, etc.), Blog, Twitter feed, and membership database; provides troubleshooting and assistance (as needed) for board members and other volunteers in using the organizations’ technology platforms; serves as the vendor contact for the associated products.

Committee Members:
Lisa Adriani
Len Levin


Executive Board Meetings

State Representatives





Veronica Bilenkin, MLS
Jun 2020 - May 2022
Greenwich Hospital






Jessie Casella, MLIS, AHIP
Apr 2021 - Apr 2022
Department of Veterans Affairs Central Western Massachusetts Healthcare System



Gary Atwood, MSLIS
Oct 2021 - Oct 2024
University of Vermont

Liaisons & Representatives


Jessica Kilham, MLIS, AHIP
​UMass Medical School