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A local chapter of NAHSL

CAHSL: Become a Member/Renew

Become a Member


Annual membership for 2024 is $25 for all categories except students and the temporarily unemployed who can join for free! Emeritus membership is also free.



Individual: Those with an MLS and an interest in health sciences librarianship.

Associate: Non-MLS holders with an interest in health sciences librarianship.

Student: Students with an interest in health sciences librarianship who are currently enrolled in a masters program in library science.

Emeritus: Awarded to members who have made outstanding contributions to the Association.

Temporarily Unemployed: A member who is unemployed will have free membership for up to one year (with no possibility of renewal at this rate) with the understanding that if they become employed during this time they will pay the normal full membership rate.

Annual dues shall be due and payable at the beginning of the year. 


Join or renew your membership!