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A local chapter of NAHSL

CAHSL: Our Goals

Our Goals

Promote the understanding of health sciences librarians' role and skills in the management of knowledge-based information and elicit strong support within Connecticut's health care system for health sciences libraries and librarians.

  • Seek opportunities to promote wider knowledge and understanding of the important role of health sciences libraries and librarians.
  • Educate employers and decision makers on the strategic importance that information professionals play in the organization's mission and financial health.
  • Work with CSMS to ensure that MLA Standards for Hospital Libraries are met by all Connecticut hospitals; provide assistance to CAHSL members preparing for site visits and addressing issues necessary for recertification.
  • Promote the information profession to students; encourage CAHSL members to offer internships and other opportunities to interested students.


Develop and strengthen the knowledge and skills of member librarians to meet the patient care, research, and educational needs of Connecticut's health care providers.

  • Provide at least one MLA-accredited continuing education course each year.
  • Share information about educational opportunities within and beyond the Association.
  • Encourage and assist members in meeting the membership requirements for AHIP.
  • Seek opportunities to develop shared programs with other organizations.
  • Investigate alternate delivery methods of educational programs to meet the needs of expanded audiences.


Foster and strengthen the Association's current system of information exchange and shared resources.

  • Use the CAHSL-L, the CAHSL website, the CAHSL blog and any new and appropriate technologies to promote meetings, programs, classes, and news.
  • Promote NN/NLM's role in information exchange, shared resources, and institutional support.
  • Pursue group purchases of electronic resources.
  • Provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas and information.
  • Encourage and promote cooperation and communication among librarians in Connecticut.