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A local chapter of NAHSL

CAHSL: Executive Board

Executive Board Members

Janice Swiatek President
Janice Swiatek
Jill Silverberg
Vice President/President-Elect, Archives
Jillian Silverberg
Melissa Funaro Secretary
Melissa Funaro
Anne Marie Romano Treasurer
Anne Marie Romano
Alyssa Grimshaw Past President
Alyssa Grimshaw
Marissa Gauthier Programming, Bylaws
Marissa G. Iverson
Amanda Doughty Programming
Amanda Doughty
CAHSL logo Membership
Anne-Marie Kaminsky
Dana Haugh Website
Dana Haugh
Veronica Bilenkin NAHSL Rep
Veronica Bilenkin

Executive Board Responsibilities

The Executive Board consists of elected officers and committee chairs. The Executive Board:

  • Conducts the business of CAHSL between regular membership meetings
  • Meets a minimum of 5 times a year including the annual meeting
  • Formulates yearly goals and objectives in keeping with CAHSL's mission
  • Appoints ad-hoc committees and taskforces when necessary
  • Recommends bylaw changes
  • Determines policies and procedures for CAHSL
  • Is responsible for appropriating CAHSL's money
  • Determines locations of Executive Board meetings
  • Determines CAHSL's reporting year