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CAHSL: MLA Independent Reading Program (2019)

MLA Independent Reading Program

October 11, 2019 at 1:00pm

​Quinnipiac University, North Haven Campus

Cost: Free for CAHSL members; $20 for non-CAHSL members

Nisha Brody
​Nisha Mody, of UCLA Library, will lead a discussion on the article "Critical Librarianship in the Health Science Libraries: An Introduction" by Jill Barr-Walker and Claire Sharifi. Participants should read the article prior to the meeting and be prepared to discuss it.

Nisha Mody is a Health & Life Sciences Librarian at the Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library. She serves as the librarian liaison for the School of Medicine and also provides instructional and research consultation services for students, faculty, and health science professionals. Nisha received her Bachelors of Science and Masters in Art from Northwestern University and also received her Masters in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois. Prior to being a librarian, she worked as a consultant and speech-language pathologist. Nisha has a professional interest in medical humanities and ensuring information represents all communities..

MLA CE Credit

To receive MLA CE credit, participants must write about the importance of the article in terms of his or her practice of librarianship.

These summaries are in two parts:

  • Part I: include the full citation, a synopsis or short overview of the article (one or two sentences), the purpose of the study or project (as stated in the article), the method used in the study or to execute the project, the conclusion or lessons learned (as stated in the article), and the professional competency area.
  • Part II: requires the participants to analyze the article by writing a paragraph critiquing the article and answering the question "Did the authors succeed in doing what they said they were going to do?" It also requires a description on how the article applies to the participant's own practice of librarianship.