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NAHSL Conference 2015: Annual NAHSL Business Meeting

NASHL 2015 Business meeting Documents

NAHSL Annual Business Meeting

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

8:30 - 10:00 AM


1. Welcome and Call to Order (Cindy Stewart)

2. Remembering/Acknowledging NAHSL members

3. Overview of agenda (Cindy Stewart)

4. Approval of the minutes of the Annual Business Meeting 2014 (Cindy Stewart/Debbie Berlanstein)

5. Chapter Chair report (Cindy Stewart)

6. Treasurer's Report/Finance Committee (Anne Fladger)

7. Nominating Committee Report (Rich Kaplan)

  • Announcement of Officers

8. MLA Chapter Council Report (Cindy Stewart for Dina McKelvy)

9. Committee Reports/Highlights

  • Archives (Rebecca Reznik-Zellen)
  • Bylaws (Cindy Stewart for Fran Delwiche)
  • Education (Anne Conner)
  • Government Relations (Gary Atwood)
  • Marketing (Sally Gore)
  • Membership (Valori Banfi)
  • Professional Development (Melanie Norton)
  • Technology Support (Nathan Norris/Lisa Adriani)
  • Credentialing (Meredith Solomon)

10. NAHSL Annual Achievement Award (Rich Kaplan)

11. Invitation to NAHSL 2016 (Jeannine Gluck and CPC)

12. Transfer of Gavel (Cindy Stewart/Donna Belcinski)

13. Adjourn