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NAHSL Conference 2017: Scholarship

Scholarship Winners

Item Description


Cushing Picture

Jessie Casella

Basket of Bath Items

Beth Schneider

Basket of Gadgets and Socks

Stacy Wein

Blue Vase (Pottery Works)

Jane Natches

Basket of Snacks

Mary Piorun


Beth Schneider

NAHSL 1 year Membership

Andy Dzauges


Madge Bolt

Fenway Park Ornament

Stacy Wein

Sisters make the best friends

Rachel Carpenter

Barbecue and Grilling tool set

Rebecca Armitage

Map of Portland Maine

Len Levin

MLA 1 year Membership

Sue Warthman

Star Wars Ornaments

Betsy Merrill

Tea and Coffee Basket

Ellen MacNaughton

Jam and Mustard

Maureen Dunn

Binoculars and Guidebook

Fran Foret

Butterfly Plates

Bill Anger

Basket of New England Treats

Valorie Banfi

Thank you to everyone who donated items to the Scholarship table and to all those who bought tickets!