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NAHSL: Professional Development - Jay Daly Technology Grant

Jay Daly Technology Grant



NAHSL Technology Grant

This grant seeks to:

  • assist award recipients to acquire and implement new technologies in their institutions, ultimately improving their users' access to health information;
  • encourage award recipients to become knowledgeable about new technologies and incorporate them into practice in a meaningful way;
  • embolden award recipients to innovate with new or known technologies to improve services or access within their institutions;
  • draw attention to the librarians' value to their institutions by providing them with tools that allow them to evolve in their professional role;
  • promote professional knowledge sharing among colleagues across the region

NAHSL Membership
Applicant must be a current member of NAHSL (membership will be verified by Membership Chair).

Eligibility for Awards
Technology grants are available for

  • new or expanded technology-related projects and necessary training;
  • hardware/software as part of a new or expanded service;
  • site visits to assess services at another location, including related travel expenses;
  • promotion of a new or expanded technology service.

Dollar Amount
A maximum of $1000 may be awarded per project per year. The award will not exceed the actual cost of the project, hardware or software. If no qualifying projects are submitted, the award will not be granted. Grant funds may not be used for wages or salary expenses.

Award Guidelines
Award applications will be considered and weighted for factors such as levels of institutional support; amounts of recently received NAHSL awards; professional involvement on the local, state, regional, or national level; statement of purpose for award use; number of applicants per institution; and geographical distribution of applications across the NAHSL region.

Deadline for Application
Chair must receive application at least 4 weeks before a program/course or anticipated purchase of hardware/software. Hardware/software must be purchased within three months of grant award.

Award recipients and their administrator will receive notification of the award. Award recipients must report back to the membership within 12 months of receipt of the grant. Dissemination may take the form of a poster, presentation, or published article. The report should demonstrate how the use of the grant funds benefited their institution, their colleagues and/or the profession, and assess the impact of the award project.