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NAHSL 2016 CPC: Home

About this site

This site is intended to facilitate the work of the 2016 Conference Planning Committee, and by extension, subsequent CPC's. The "public" 2016 conference website is, a weebly site.

Technical issues

The site is actually composed of two separate LibGuides. The Committees tab is a redirect link to the second LibGuide. It was structured this way to enable separate tabs for each committee. Therefore, when new members are given editing rights to the site, they will need rights to both.

Committee chairs should add their reports for each meeting on their committee pages. The reports will be compiled on the Meetings page. If subsequent CPC's simply delete the content of the Current Reports boxes on the committee pages (without deleting the boxes in their entirety) this mechanism will continue to function.

Be sure to make regular backups of both LibGuides. Conference chair and Website chair should both have copies.