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NAHSL: NAHSL Strategic Plan

North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries, Inc., A regional chapter of the Medical Library Association

Coming Soon: NAHSL Strategic Plan 2018-2021

Thanks for visiting the NAHSL Strategic Plan page! Our last 3-year strategic plan will soon be replaced by the 2018-2012 Strategic Plan, now in draft format on this site as a preliminary document that was presented by the strategic plan task force comprised of Chair Ellen Brassil, Chair-Elect Jeannine Gluck and Treasurer Rachel Lerner at the March 2018 virtual meeting of the Executive Board.  The Board will soon be sharing a second version of the document with membership and asking for for comments and suggestions before preparing to vote on the final draft at the Executive Board meeting scheduled for June 15th, 2018. Stay tuned!

NAHSL Strategic Plan

Please see below for our new 3-year NAHSL strategic plan. Thank you to those of you who sent in your comments. The Executive Board voted to approve the plan at its June 12, 2015 meeting. We continue to welcome your feedback on the strategic plan.

Please send comments, questions, etc., to


North Atlantic Health Sciences Libraries, Inc. (NAHSL)


3-Year Strategic Plan




Mission/Purpose:  The purpose of this Chapter shall be to promote health sciences libraries and librarianship; to strengthen the delivery of health information services within the Chapter boundaries; and to actively support the mission and standards of the MLA.





Goal 1: Strengthen NAHSL; organizational and fiscal excellence


NAHSL will continue to develop and sustain the necessary resources to ensure that its operations are efficient, effective, and transparent.




  • Determine NAHSL’s priorities and role, as they relate to fiscal and organizational concerns.
  • Develop a financial plan that’s in alignment with the strategic plan; ensure financial accountability, transparency, and stability.

  • Operationalize sustainable model for annual conference.

                  Action item:

                      Identify new models for annual meeting.

  • Update and publish Bylaws and Executive Board Handbook to accurately reflect NAHSL chapter operations.

  • Create succession planning model to ensure smooth transition from outgoing Executive Board members to incoming Executive Board members.

                  Action items:

                     Develop orientation for new Executive Board members
                     Update NAHSL Bylaws & Handbook.

Responsible Committee/Elected Officer:


·         Executive Board
·         Bylaws

Goal 2:  Increase Membership


NAHSL will recruit and retain a diverse community of health sciences information professionals as NAHSL members.




  • Develop plan for annual membership recruitment.

                  Action item:

                      Increase involvement of state reps with NAHSL membership recruitment efforts.

  • Recruit members from a broader library community, including library schools and other types of libraries (state libraries, public libraries, school libraries), and other information professionals, health information consultants, information specialists, health IT, etc.

                  Action items:

                     Form a small working group to development recruitment plan.
                     Establish process for welcoming new and returning members.
                     NAHSL Chair to present to local libraries, schools, etc.


 Responsible Committee/Elected Officer:


·         Marketing
·         Membership
·         Chair/Chair-Elect/Past Chair
·         State Reps


Goal 3:  Engage membership


NAHSL will increase member participation and engagement.



  • Promote and utilize various communication venues for announcements, discussion/interaction, feedback from the membership, and sharing information.

                  Action items:

                     Send regular updates to the membership from the Chair/Board.
Keep NAHSL LibGuide up-to-date.                    
courage/facilitate NAHSL Blog posts/discussions.

  • Recognize professional contributions and accomplishments of NAHSL members, as well as recognition of members who have demonstrated their commitment to NAHSL through time, effort, and support.

                   Action item:

                     Reintroduce NAHSL Innovations, for sharing successful innovations and best practices.

  •  Identify, plan, and promote networking opportunities for NAHSL membership.

                  Action item:

                        Develop and promote Special Interest Groups (SIG) specific to topics of interest.

  •  Facilitate mentoring opportunities for members.

                  Action item:                     

                     Include a welcome reception/program at the annual NAHSL conference for new members and first time conference attendees.

  • Promote NAHSL committee involvement

                   Action item:

                      Develop process for recruiting and assigning members to committees.

  •  Monitor, assess, and respond to changing members’ needs.

                   Action items:

                     Conduct periodic membership surveys.
                     Provide opportunities at annual meeting for open forum discussions.

Responsible Committee/Elected Officers:

·         Chair/Chair-Elect/Past Chair
·         Marketing
·         Technology Support


 Goal 4:  Professional Growth


NAHSL will provide and promote opportunities for continued professional growth of its members.



  • Expand the content of NAHSL education programs to meet evolving needs of health sciences librarians.

                  Action items:

                     Conduct on-going assessment of members’ educational and professional development needs
Utilize education technologies to bring education programs to wherever members are (distance learning).
                     Develop mechanisms to provide informal, member-led, webinars and regional “brown bags.”

  • Create a local knowledgebase of instructors of MLA-certified CE programs and publicize this on website

  • Maintain regular contact with CE personnel from MLA and other chapters

  • Facilitate members’ AHIP application process.


Responsible Committee/Elected Officers:

·         Education
·         Professional Development
·         Marketing
·         Technology Support
·         Credentialing


Goal 5:  Advocacy


NAHSL will promote the professional role, value, and expertise of health sciences librarians.



  • Provide tools and resources for librarians to advocate their value to their institutions.

                  Action items:

                     Continue to develop and promote advocacy materials, available on NAHSL LibGuide, for use by NAHSL members.                    
Create Advocacy SIG (Special Interest Group).

  • Inform membership of any relevant issues and of the key people relating to federal, state or local legislation and policies.

  • Promote value of libraries outside our own circles.

                  Action item:

                      Encourage members to attend meetings of other health professionals, along with writing for non-library publications.

Responsible Committee/Elected Officers:

·         Marketing
·         Government Relations
·         Chair-Elect

 Goal 6: Partnerships/Collaborations


NAHSL will expand its network of external partners.




  • Develop relationships and collaborate with MLA, other MLA chapters, state groups, NN/LM NER, and other health health-related organizations, library associations, and library schools in New England.

                   Action item:

                      Promote networking and educational offerings from above named groups, associations, etc.

  • Pursue outside funding to help support NAHSL activities.


Responsible committees:

 ·         Chair/Chair-Elect
·         Marketing
·         Continuing Education
·         State Reps